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If you hear someone say that homosexuality is unnatural, you can be pretty sure you are not listening to a scientist. Dr. Marc Breedlove, Michigan State University, Rosenberg Professor of Neuroscience

If you have ever wondered about the origins of sexual orientation or gender identity you have come to the right place.

This ongoing project by Truth Wins Out (TWO) will explore the latest research and interview key scientists who have studied human sexuality. The people we have chosen to videotape have produced landmark peer-reviewed research, and can articulate the challenging concepts presented in a way that’s easy to understand from a layman’s point of view. Unethical peddlers of junk science routinely misuse and misrepresent the work of many of these same scientists. Our goal is to bring greater scientific understanding to this topic and ensure that critical research is not twisted or distorted for political gain.

Our project will examine questions, such as:

  • Is there a biological basis for sexual orientation and gender identity?
  • What do the experts say about efforts to change one’s sexual orientation?
  • What are the ethical concerns surrounding this issue?

Such research is still in its infancy and there is an enormous amount we still don’t know. However, the cutting edge science does teach us that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and heterosexual are normal and natural variations of human sexuality.

As acclaimed University of Hawaii researcher Dr. Milton Diamond succinctly puts it: “Nature loves variety.”

* Special thanks for this project goes to Michigan State University professor Dr. Marc Breedlove, who gave us access to interview the scientists who spoke at his 2012 “Whom You Love” lecture series.